Early Life

Keira grew up in Alexandria, daughter to Kikita and Sigrid, the rulers before her, but revered as the daughter of the Gods Ra and Osiris respectively. From birth she was trained in politics as well as combat, having been well-versed in the history as well as skilled with a spear. With life being short, she was to be prepared to take the throne at the age of thirteen (if the occasion came to it), having either wed a man of her choosing, to be betrothed to aide her should she choose to, or on her own as the sole monarch.

Murder and Seek

When she was the age of thirteen, however, her father had went down to the marketplace and found an innocent woman being beaten by a group of men. Going to the rescue, he sacrificed his life so she could escape. When the men discovered it was the Pharaoh's husband, they realized they could attempt a take over to put Egypt back in it's olden times. Making their way to the Palace, they had amassed a small army and attacked. Foreseeing the future, her mother went and fought with the guards, having hidden Netjeretkhau in a secret compartment in their bedchamber. After a few long moments, the rebels entered the room to look for her, but could not find her. Leaving, they went to continue their search until more guards came and stopped them. One in particular, the Head of the Guard, knew of the compartment and went to find a crying Netjeretkhau inside.

Life Today

The people believed the Queen had born the Princess via a God's intervention, as the Pharaoh had no husband prior. To which God is the father, people speculate Horus or even Ra, but there has been no confirmation from the Palace. Netjeretkhau has continued the work of those before her in terms of ensuring the happiness of her people.

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